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Make a reservation with a pass

Once your customers have a booking pass (whether you sold him, or you created it manually for him), they can make a booking with it.

But for that, you need to add a field to the booking form to allow your customers to choose their pass:

  • Go to Booking Activities / Booking Forms
  • Select the desired booking form or create a new one
  • Click on the “Add a field” button
  • A dialog appear, select the “Booking pass” option in the selectbox and validate the dialog with the “OK” button. The “Booking pass” field is now inserted at the bottom of your form
  • Go to this field settings, and add the desired booking pass templates. Only the passes from the selected templates will be allowed on that forms
  • You can allow redeem codes. In that case, customers will be able to redeem any booking pass with its code, without necessarily being logged in.
  • You can choose to make the field compulsory. If so, your customer will need to redeem a booking pass on that form.
  • Validate the field settings dialog

Now your form has a “Booking pass” field configured to allow certain booking passes.
Let’s summarize how to allow booking passes on a specific form:

If the “Booking pass” field is… Then the booking passes are…
Not existing Forbidden
Not required Allowed
Required Mandatory

Go to the frontend page where your booking form is displayed, you can see that the booking form has a new selectbox to allow your customers to pick their booking pass (if logged in), or to use a redeem code (if allowed).

  • Pick an event with a credits value
  • Select a booking pass or enter its redeem code
  • Book the event

If the event activity is allowed by the pass template, and if the pass template is allowed by the booking form, the booking will succeed. Else, an error message will tell you what to do.

The booking pass is immediatly debited.
If you use it with WooCommerce, you can change the cart quantity, the booking pass is debited accordingly, and the product price is nullified. Of course, if the cart expires or if the cart item is removed, the booking pass is refunded.

If your customers check their booking list, they can see that the booking price in credits is displayed in the “Price” column.
In the backend too, in the booking list, a new column has been added to display the booking pass redeemed and the amount of credits spent.

Now, if you or your customers want to reschedule or to refund a booking made with a booking pass, you can go safely, some specific features has been set up.

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