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Prerequisite, Installation and License Activation of Order for customers add-on

Order for customers will work only if WooCommerce is installed and active. So make sure to have it activated in the Plugins section. Then you can install Order for Customers add-on.

  • Purchase and download Order for Customers add-on from this website
  • Extract the archive
  • Copy ba-order-for-customers folder (and ba-licenses-and-updates you don’t have it already on your site)
  • Paste it in wp-content/plugins on your web server via FTP
  • In your admin panel go to the Plugins tab
  • Activate Order for Customers plugin (and Licenses and Updates if it is not not the case yet)

“Licenses and Updates” is the plugin which manage Booking Activities’ add-ons licenses. You will receive updates automatically thanks to this plugin for all your Booking Activities add-ons. It is attached to all your purchases. But if you need it alone, you can download it here.


The next step is to activate Order for Customers license:

  • Go to My Account on this very website
  • Click on “View Licenses” on the your purchase row
  • Get your license key by clicking on the key icon  on Order for Customers row and copy it
    • This is your personal license key, never share it, no matter what
  • On the admin side of you website, go to Booking Activities / Settings
  • Click on the new “Licenses” tab
  • You should see a field for Order for Customers license key, paste you license key there
  • Click on “Activate license” near the field. An icon  should appear to acknowledge the add-on license activation.


When updates are available you will be able to update your add-ons as you do it usually:

  • Go to Dashboard / updates
  • Select Order for Customers
    • Note: Order for Customers will be available only if an update is available.
  • Click on Update plugins button

Let’s begin by designating who will have the ability to order for your customers.

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