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Set up different prices according to quantity

You know how to set a price in cash or in credits on your events.
You can now go further by setting a price based on the quantity, and thus offer volume discounts on your events.


Set a price according to quantity

  • Go to Booking Activities > Calendar editor
  • Go to the desired event (or activity, group of events, or category of groups) settings, “Price” tab

You will find a table with those columns: “Quantity”, “Price” and “Credits”.
Each row allows you to define a unit price in cash or in credits and associate it with a quantity.

  • Add a row by clicking on the “+” icon at the end of the first row
  • Enter the desired quantity, for example “3” if you wish to offer a preferential rate to the customers reserving 3 places or more
  • Fill in the “Price” field and / or the “Credits” field next to this quantity
  • Validate the dialog box

Thus, with this table:

Quantity Price Credits

The event will basically cost $10 or 20 credits, $8 or 15 credits if the customer books 5 places or more, $8 or 10 credits if he books 12 places or more.

You can add as many rows as you need, so you can set your sliding scale of prices exactly as desired.
Moreover, if you have set up some price categories, the volume dicounts can be configured independently for each of them.


Set the calculating method for volume discounts

The Prices and Credits add-on has more to offer. It let you choose between two different calculation methods to make sure that it meets your needs: “Cumulate unit prices” or “Replace the unit price”

Consider the following example: An event has these unit prices:

Quantity Price Credits

The event total price for a quantity of 6 will be:
– With the “Cumulate” method : 10 + 10 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 6,5 = $50,5
– With the “Replace” method : 6 x 6,5 = $39

You can choose either method in Booking Activities settings:

  • Go to Booking Activities > Settings > “Genral” tab
  • In the “Calculation of volume discounts” option, select the desired method
  • Save changes

If you change the method of calculation in the process, the changes will be applied immediately to your entire site. Make sure your prices stay consistent.
In the previous example, with the method “Replace”, it would be more expensive to pay 5 bookings (40 €) than 6 (39 €), it is not consistent.
In addition, this may make it impossible to reschedule reservations made before this change, if the price of the reservation no longer corresponds to the price of the activity.

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