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Order for a customer

Order for Customers is very easy to use. You just have to pick the desired customer in a selectbox in the booking form.
Similarly, with WooCommerce, you just have to make a normal order on the frontend and select the desired customer at checkout.

  • Log in as Operator or Administrator
    • Tip: not only Operators can order for customers, you just need to grant the order_for_customers capability to the desired user. To do so use an appropriated plugin such as User Role Editor.


With a booking form

  • Go on the booking form page
  • Here you can choose a customer to order for. Just pick his name in the selectbox. If it is a new customer,
    • Select New Customer in this selectbox
    • Choose between “Create an account” or “Book without account”
    • Fill the user required fields (the user info)
  • Click on the “Book” button


With WooCommerce

1. Add the booking to cart

  • Add some products to your cart
  • Go to cart and click on Proceed to checkout button
  • Here you can order for someone else

2. Checkout

Go to the checkout page.

Order for an existing customer:

  • Start typing the customer email address, suggestions will apear.
  • Pick the desired customer from the suggestions, the fields will be automatically filled in but you can modify them as you wish.

Order for a new customer, or do not assign the order to any customer:

  • With the Checkout Block
    • Select “New Customer” or “Guest customer” in the “Order for” selectbox
    • Fill the fields with the customer info
  • With the Classic Checkout (page with the [woocommerce_checkout] shortcode)
    • Select “New Customer” in the “Order for” selectbox
    • Fill the fields with the customer info
    • Check one of these box: “Create an account” or “Order without creating account”

3. Place the order

  • Then you can choose your payment gateway and click on the Place order button

After the payment, your customer will receive a confirmation email and you will be redirected to a confirmation page.

You also have the possibility to make bookings from the backend.

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