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Set up a booking reminder notification

Now that you have activated Notification Pack add-on, you can set up an automatic reservation reminder that will be sent few days before the start of a booked event.

  • Go to the Booking Activities Settings, “Notifications” tab
  • Click on the new row indicating “1 day before a booked event

You arrive at the reminder notification setting page. Specific options are included:

  • Delay before event“: Choose how many days before the event the reminder has to be sent.
  • Schedule method“: Choose the automatic method “WordPress Cron” or the manual method, the link to visit once a day.

If you choose the “WordPress Cron” schedule method, reminder notifications will be sent ideally every day at midnight of your timezone (the one set in the “General” tab of the Booking Activities settings). “Ideally” because in reality the WordPress Cron is triggered only if your website is visited. Therefore, the notification will be sent everyday on the first visit on your site after midnight.
Hence the interest of the second method. If you do not want to depend on your visitors or if you want to send your notifications at a specific time, visit the link provided every day at the desired time. You don’t need to do it manually of course, your web server cron can handle this, like any other Cron service, such as EasyCron.

With both of these settings populated, you can now compose your email using the provided tags and HTML just like the other notifications.

Save the changes, and voila, your reminders will be sent everyday.

If you wish, on the same page, it is also possible to activate and configure Push and SMS notifications as a reminder. These do not support HTML by nature, but you can use the tags. Be careful however to keep them short.

Refer to the corresponding sections to learn how to configure SMS sending and how to set up push notifications.

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