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Prerequisite, Installation and license activation of Points of Sale add-on

Before to install Points of Sale add-on, make sure WooCommerce is installed and activated. Then proceed as follows:

  • Purchase and download Points of Sale on this website
  • Extract the archive
  • Copy ba-points-of-sale folder (and the included ba-licenses-and-updates folder it is not installed yet on your site)
  • Paste in wp-content/plugins on your web server via FTP
  • In your website’s admin panel go to the Plugins tab
  • Activate Points of Sale plugin (and Licenses and Updates if it is not active yet)

“Licenses and Updates” add-on is Booking Activities’ license manager. It is thanks to this plugin that you will receive updates automatically for all your Booking Activities add-ons. You will reveive a copy of this plugin with all your purchases. You can also download it here.


Now, you need to activate Points of Sale license:

  • On this website, go to My Account
  • Click on “View Licenses” on the row corresponding to your purchase
  • Click on the key icon  on Points of Sale row and copy the license key that appears
    • This is your personal license key, never give it to anyone
  • On your website admin panel, go to Booking Activities / Settings
  • Click on “Licenses” tab
  • You should see Points of Sale license field, paste you license key inside
  • Click on “Activate license” next to the field. A visual feedback  should appear to tell you that the license has been activated.


Finally, to update the plugin when updates are available:

  • Go to Dashboard / updates
  • Select Points of Sale (if updates are available)
  • Click on Update plugins button

Now you want to configure your products to manage them in your points of sale.

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