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Give access rights to your POS managers to their POS admin panel

When you created your points of sale, you may have noticed the “Managers” selectbox. One of the biggest interest of Points of sale add-on is to allow your managers to manage their product by their own from their Point of sale page. The first thing to do to achieve this is to create your managers accounts.

  • Go to Users tab
  • If your manager already has an account click on All users and click on his name in the user list. Else click on Add new.
  • Find the Role field and choose Point of sale manager in the select box.
  • Fill the other fields with his personal info.
  • Click on Create / Update user button


You just granted your manager additional access rights. But that is not enough, at this point he has no access to any Points of sale. You want to give him access to his own Point of sale panel.

  • Go to Points of sale and click on All points of sale
  • Click on the desired point of sale
  • In the Managers area, you can see the POS managers list and you have the possibility to add new ones. Select the desired manager in the select box and click on the Add manager button.
    • Tip: you can add multiple managers at once if you check the Add multiple checkbox.
    • Tip: to undo this action, selected the desired managers in the list and click on the Remove selected button
  • Click on the Update button

Your manager can now access to the admin panel and his point of sale page. He can manage his products from there.

This way, your POS managers will be able to manage their products only. They do not have access rights to manage other’s POS products.

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