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Manage products from points of sale

You have configured your product to be manageable by POS, and you have created your points of sale. Now you want to actually manage your product from your POS pages.

  • Go to Points of sale tab and click on All Points of sale
  • Click on the desired point of sale
  • In the Available Products area, there is a select box with eligible products. Select the desired product and click on Add product button next to it. The product will appear in the list below.
    • Tip: you can add several products at once by checking the Add multiple checkbox and selecting several product before clicking on Add product button
    • Note: If no select box appears in that area, it can be because all available products are already added to the POS, or because you didn’t configure your products to be manageable by POS.

The product will appear in the list below. Its status is Private to let you the time to configure your product before you decide to publish it.

  • Click on Edit (or on the product name)
  • Here you can find every WooCommerce options for variable products. Set at least the price and any options you want.
  • When your done with product configuration, check the Enabled checkbox and click on Update button.

Your product is now online. A new product option “Point of sale” has appeared on the product page. You can change the “Point of sale” field label in the plugin settings. If your customers choose your point of sale, they purchase the activity from you.

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